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Welcome to Zexcoil® Pickups

Made in the U.S.A.

Revolutionary Zexcoil® hum canceling pickup technology represents an innovative solution to the problem of single coil noise in a radically flexible new pickup platform. Our patented one coil per string design coupled with our Tone Tuning Technology™ enable the most efficient hum canceling available, yielding some of the most toneful pickups you'll find anywhere.

welcome to Zexcoil Pickups

Unlocking the Black Box:

We’ve re-engineered the electric guitar pickup and defined a revolutionary approach to pickup design. Utilizing our proprietary, patented & patent pending designs, materials, and methods, we’ve discovered how to fingerprint, predict and target the full range of pickup tonal response. With our patented Tone Tuning Technology™ (T3™), we can accurately and reliably produce pickups with specific tonal characteristics, whether they are designed to sound like your old familiar pickups or something previously unobtainable.

We bring this technology to you in a hum-canceling, virtually noise free package that fits in your current guitar without modification. Not only that, but our one-coil-per-string design platform yields an inherent clarity and articulation that is just not possible with conventional designs.